How To Be Insightful: the pledge card

When you’ve been through a STEP Prism of Insight training course, the best way to reinforce your commitment to this new way of working is to complete, print out, and stick up in your place of work a pledge card. This captures your commitments to doing something different in each of the four quadrants of the model – Sweat, Timeout, Eureka, and Prove.

  • What’s your Sweat – how will you make yourself more curious?
  • What’s your Timeout – how are you going to make sure that you’re going to step away from the problem you’re trying to solve, to allow your subconscious to do its marvellous and remarkable, recombinatorial thing?
  • What’s your Eureka? What are you going to do to be sure that you capture your breakthrough insight when it comes upon you? How will you recognise it?
  • And what’s your Prove? How are you going to share your insights with colleagues, peers, or clients at just the right time? Early enough so that it’s still fresh and not overworked, but late enough that it’s been sufficiently developed and articulated.

Please feel free to download, print, and use this STEP Prism of Insight pledge card, and let us know how you’re getting on – and what you’re committing to – by emailing We’d love to see your completed pledge cards, too.